VGR VGR- V-055-ماكينة حلاقه لحلاقه الشعر و الذقن قابلة لاعادة الشحن

VGR VGR- V-055-ماكينة حلاقه لحلاقه الشعر و الذقن قابلة لاعادة الشحن

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This VGR electric cutting kit will meet your needs with its design and quality. Help yourself to recover and maintain a clean and confident appearance. Suitable for home and hair salon. Very easy to use, with detailed instructions for use.Product Highlights:1:0 cutter head, ultra short pitch, leaving hair length only 0.1mm, can be used for engraving, trimming, pushing2: Low temperature rise, low heat during work, giving you a gentle and comfortable haircut experience3: High hardness stainless steel material, automatic grinding without rust, long life4: 5 limit combs, novices and shaved gospel5: Using the blade fitting technology to reduce the friction between the movable knife and the fixed knife, effectively reducing noiseProduct parameters:Product Name: VGR 0 cutter carving scissorsModel: V055Know at the end: stainless steel cutter headNet weight: 131gBody size: 15×4.5×3.5cmCharging time: 1.5hUse time: 2hVoltage: 100-240V~50/60HZPower: 10WPower mode: USB rechargeableCleaning method: knife head washingPacking weight: 333g

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